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Why Crescent for Offshore Incorporation
Crescent Corporate Services Limited (Crescent)
  • Licensed Registered Agent of the British Virgin Islands (BVI)
  • Trust management and offshore service provider licensed under the BVI Banks and Trust Companies Act
  • Authorized by the BVI Financial Services Commission
  • Full member of the BVI Association of Registered Agents
What Makes Us Different
  • Highly dependable, professional, efficient and timely
  • Comprehensive and personalized quality service at competitive rates
  • Tailored services to suit the individual needs of our clients
  • Courteous and caring staff
Our Addresses
For assistance with Crescent services, please contact
Crescent Corporate Services Limited (Crescent)
Email: services (at)
or fill out our Questionnaire

Fax: 284-494-5924
Mailing Address
Crescent Corporate Services Limited (Crescent)
P.O. Box 875
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands, VG1110
Courier/Shipping Address
Crescent Corporate Services Limited (Crescent)
1st Floor, Yamraj Building
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands
, VG1110
Business Hours and Official Holidays
Place an online order on the Web, 24 hours - everyday
Email us, 24 hours - everyday

Business Hours
Mon to Fri: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm ECT
Note that Eastern Caribbean Time (ECT)
is 4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time
(UTC/GMT -4), and that ECT does not
incorporate Daylight Savings Time.
British Virgin Islands Official Holidays
New Year's DayThursday, January 1Wednesday, January 1
The Anniversary of the Birth of Hamilton Lavity StouttMonday, March 2Monday, March 3
Commonwealth DayMonday, March 9Monday, March 10
Good FridayFriday, April 3Friday, April 18
Easter MondayMonday, April 6Monday, April 21
Whit MondayMonday, May 25Monday, June 9
Sovereign's BirthdaySaturday, June 13 (date to be confirmed)Saturday, June 14 (date to be confirmed)
Territory DayMonday, June 29Monday, June 30
Festival MondayMonday, August 3Monday, August 4
Festival TuesdayTuesday, August 4Tuesday, August 5
Festival WednesdayWednesday, August 5Wednesday, August 6
St Ursula's DayMonday, October 19Tuesday, October 21
Christmas DayFriday, December 25Thursday, December 25
Boxing DayMonday, December 28Friday, December 26

Significant Business Dates
  • Please update your business calendar with the following critical dates
  • Please review all delivery address information before you submit an order, as incomplete address information or phone numbers might delay delivery
Delivery Times
  • All orders that require surface delivery will be delivered within five (5) business days of their receipt
  • If special considerations are required for surface delivery on weekends, please notify us and our staff will make every effort to accommodate you
British Virgin Islands Advantages
  • Globally most preferred and highly reputable offshore incorporation jurisdiction, with over 1 million international companies registered
  • Sophisticated investors use their BVI companies for legitimate multinational activities and for structuring flexible complex deals
  • In some regions ( i.e., south China, Hong Kong) BVI incorporation is more popular for new up-and-coming corporations than even a local registry, and might account for almost half of inward investment into China (The Economist, October 15, 2011; Financial Times of London Special Report, March 8, 2007)
  • Also highly popular for value-added services and investment business, such as trusts, solvency, mutual fund registration and management, holding companies for multinational corporations, debt issuance vehicles, establishing joint-ventures, legal work and ship registration
  • The territory ranks first for asset protection and estate planning, individual tax planning, special purpose vehicles (SPV), and investment holding for corporations.
  • Among most popular jurisdictions for establishing hedge funds and for captive insurance
  • No-tax jurisdiction for local and foreign businesses - there are no capital gains or capital transfer taxes, no inheritance tax, and no sales tax or VAT
  • Sound commerce, financial services and telecommunications infrastructure
  • A politically stable and legally secure British Overseas Territory, listed by The Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) among the world's most stable finance centers
  • British Virgin Islands Law is based on the British Legal System and the English Common Law, ensuring international confidence, integrity, strong confidentiality provisions and investor protection
  • The court system's final level of appeal is to the Privy Council in the UK
  • The British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission maintains a tight regulatory environment to safeguard the globally-respected integrity of the jurisdiction, and has excellent working relations with the corresponding US, UK and international enforcement agencies
  • British Virgin Islands laws and government practices are considered among the most innovative, competitive and business-friendly of all the reputable offshore financial centers; firm yet flexible legal and regulatory framework that has had to adapt to demands for greater transparency from global bodies such as the OECD, yet remains attractive in the face of strong competition from other offshore jurisdictions
  • New British Virgin Islands Financial legislation does not distinguish between local and foreign-owned corporations, thus ensuring conformity with the OECD offshore "uncooperative tax havens" guidelines
  • Major global banks are represented in the British Virgin Islands, including ScotiaBank and the FirstCaribbean International Bank (a subsidiary of CIBC)
  • BVI's local currency is the United States Dollar
Offshore Jurisdiction Checklist
  • Not all offshore jurisdictions have the same laws and business practices or are reputable enough to incorporate or establish a trust
  • Your choice of jurisdiction will likely have significant impact on the future and well being of yourself, your family, your heirs, and your partners; for many years, and sometimes for the generations to come
  • It is well known that the value of banking secrecy laws faded in the last several years. However, genuine tax competition provided by credible offshore jurisdictions continues to grow in importance as a crucial area of global financial competitiveness
  • Coherency of regulatory regimes, speed of decision making and sophisticated infrastructure are vital criteria in selecting a suitable offshore jurisdiction
Before selecting a jurisdiction to incorporate or to establish a trust, consider the following:
Questions to Ask Importance to You
Is the jurisdiction of incorporation or trust establishment a no-tax or low-tax jurisdiction?
checkBullet Jurisdictions with higher tax rates might assess your company or trust on income earned in other countries
checkBullet Some countries impose taxes on profits AND on general revenues, worldwide assets and inheritance or gifts
checkBullet Certain less-reputable offshore jurisdictions might retroactively impose minimum tax payments
Does the jurisdiction have double taxation avoidance treaties with your country of citizenship?
checkBullet Discuss with your tax adviser whether double taxation avoidance treaties established by a particular offshore jurisdiction with your country of citizenship affect your tax status at home and abroad
Does the jurisdiction treat its own citizens and local corporations the same way it treats the foreign citizens and foreign-owned corporations?
checkBullet Governments frequently view jurisdictions that distinguish between local and foreign corporations as places to hide or launder money - hence treating corporations or trusts from these jurisdictions with suspicion
Which offshore jurisdictions are widely considered more reputable? By and large, more reputable jurisdictions are considered the ones with:
checkBullet British Legal System and the English Common Law
checkBullet Final court appeal to the to the Privy Council (House of Lords) in the UK
checkBullet Long-term political and economic stability
checkBullet Proactive government enforcement of international financial laws
checkBullet Proactive government enforcement of banking confidentiality laws
checkBullet Good interaction between the jurisdiction's local government and the US security enforcement authorities, and a reputation for strict enforcement of the US-imposed Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) and other business and financial legislation
checkBullet Listed by The Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) among the world's most stable finance centres
checkBullet Is on the list of the jurisdictions committed to the OECD's standards of transparency and exchange of information
checkBullet Comprehensive offshore financial legislation that supports corporate and personal business interests and wealth creation
checkBullet World class electric power, telecommunications (voice, Internet) and professional infrastructures (legal, accounting, audit, management)
checkBullet Presence of major global banks - a good indication of jurisdictional respectability (even if the client does not plan on banking with them), as well as the range of banking services
checkBullet Use of a major international currency (US$ or Euro) rather than a local currency that would necessitate expensive currency exchange for every transaction conducted at the jurisdiction
checkBullet Use of English as a state language
Why is offshore jurisdiction reputability important to me?
checkBullet Corporations and trusts are established for the long term and actions taken in the past will affect the future
checkBullet Jurisdictional reputability is especially important in inevitable cases of sudden changes, such as death of a corporate principal (preserving the rights of widows and orphans), a divorce, or a conflict among business partners
checkBullet In some jurisdictions, court decisions can be subverted or outcomes can by changed by bribing government officials, which will leave you with no means of recourse in the case of a family or partnership conflict
(For more information see countries Corruption Perceptions Index at Transparency International)
checkBullet Avoid jurisdictions that are in effect under occupation by other countries
Why should I be concerned with the US security enforcement authorities monitoring offshore financial centers?
checkBullet US security enforcement authorities monitor offshore financial centers to uncover potential terrorist activities and money laundering from the illicit drug trade
checkBullet Although the US Government is concerned with the tax avoidance of US citizens, it is typically not interested in legitimate tax reduction schemes conducted abroad by the individuals from other countries
checkBullet Nonetheless, it is prudent to avoid jurisdictions that are historically mistrusted by the US Government. Frequently, the US authorities might give more scrutiny to corporations from these countries, whether they operate in the US or abroad, and even those companies that are strictly law-abiding
checkBullet Alternatively, US authorities are frequently more liberal or even indifferent to corporations operating in reputable offshore jurisdictions, knowing that they undertake intensive security reviews
checkBullet Errors occur and can be corrected. To ensure peace of mind, it is always advisable to check your own security status at the US's enforcement databases before incorporation or establishing a trust, which can be provided discreetly by any licensed Registered Agent and at a nominal cost
What are the upfront and annual filing fees?
checkBullet Filing fees may substantially differ, even among reputable jurisdictions
checkBullet European jurisdictions and European-based British territories are always the most expensive
checkBullet British overseas territories located in the Caribbean region typically have more moderate incorporation and trust creation costs

Doing Business Offshore - Advantages
  • Most of the countries in the world recognize that there are many legitimate business reasons for using offshore jurisdiction as your place for conducting business or holding capital.
  • If your company, large or small, primarily conducts international business operations, consider placing it in a credible offshore jurisdiction like British Virgin Islands to minimize taxes and simplify financial operations.
  • New residents of Canada can enjoy up to 5-years tax holiday on income from offshore immigration trusts. Immigrants to Canada who set up offshore trusts at British Virgin Islands not only avoid paying income taxes, but also avoid the tax on assets they brought to Canada if they leave within five years. When such a trust is transferred to Canada, taxes accrue only on an increase in the value of assets after arrival to Canada.
Hardware and Software
  • Crescent's overriding objective is to enable efficient and cost effective corporate governance services for all our clients
  • Crescent's open-standard programmable technology platform supports transactional delivery of corporate governance services and periodic reporting within and outside the organization
  • Written in XML, Perl, SQL, and integrated with email, workflow agents and advanced AI expert-system technologies, our corporate support system consists of several hundred thousand lines of code and is powerful enough to enable efficient and cost effective corporate governance services
  • Crescent intranet/Extranet-based services support sophisticated interactive forms, multi-field intelligent inputs, in-context instructions and other transactions, feedback and exception-management tools compelled by their demanding functionality
  • Our customers can access the service through most commonly used Web browsers and email client software
  • Even though an Internet-based technology platform always requires constant improvements and updates, our main technology strategy is to upgrade as we go and implement new competitive features with advances in Internet and evolvement in customer preferences
Security Requirements
  • If the system resides on open Internet, transactional security can be enhanced by the use of Secure Socket Layer, Version 3 (SLL3) and 128 bits encryption keys, or even more powerful PKI solutions
  • Browsers that default to the 40 bits International standard will be able to service clients outside the US, UK, Canada and other countries that have lawful access to higher bit encryption
  • Many organizations ban the use of applets on local browsers or strip them from the Web pages using a firewall or a proxy server. Our technology platform does not overburden client organizations with the need to change their security policies
Recommended Configuration
  • For optimal viewing of our Web pages use the latest commercial version of the HTML-compatible browser
  • Your can increase the text size of our Web pages by using your browser's functions
    circlebullet Microsoft Internet Explorer: Select View - Text Size and your desired size
    circlebullet Netscape and Firefox: Press the Ctrl and "=" keys simultaneously
    circlebullet Mac Users: Press the Apple and "+" keys simultaneously
    circlebullet Users of Windows and a Scroll-Wheel Mouse: Use Ctrl and the scroll-wheel to increase text size
    circlebullet All Browsers: Search in your browser's help menu on how to increase text size
  • Check Internet traffic reports at for the latest information on speed and reliability of Internet connections around the world
  • Effective operations might be affected by local hardware, software and networking components. Discuss details with your corporate technical support
Free Online Web Page Translation
  • Use free online translation engines to familiarize yourself with our services in your native language
  • Use translation engines listed below at your own risk. Crescent is not responsible for the quality of translation conducted by such online engines
    circlebullet List of translation engines
  • Crescent can help you with selecting a certified translator and obtaining a notarized translation copy of any document
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